Meet our Key Speaker and Founder.

George Bourguignon

The beginning of Christian Vegan.

Similar to many others, in my childhood home, we ate what was put in front of us. My family lived on a regular American diet with no perceived consequences.

As I got older, many people in my life passed away early. These were people I wish I had more time with to build lasting memories, share laughter, and eventually meet my own children.

As a lawyer, I began a personal journey of research to find answers and question the circumstances I had been told were “normal.” The more I searched, the more evidence I found supporting the lifestyle that I live today.

Two realities become evident: in trusting in Jesus Christ for our salvation, we can live for eternity in the afterlife and by living the whole-food plant-based lifestyle we can achieve maximum longevity until the afterlife.

Discovering these holistic truths led me to where I am now on my mission to spread physical, mental, and spiritual wellness by speaking at events. Join me today, and learn what it is to live a regret-free life.

Take ownership of your story.

Our vision is to pioneer a future where everyone prioritizes their future eternal security and longevity.